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About Us

"Empower your sisters, Empowering women"

At DiamondDustYYC, Beauty is our top priority in YYC / Calgary, Alberta, Canada 
We Specialize In Luxury Grade Level Strip Lashes 


Luxury strip lashes

Our main focus has been to provide, the best strip lashes with variety of lengths, styles and materials. Becoming one of the best strip lash company in Calgary/YYC. 

From natural to dramatic, russian style, clear band, BIONIC or ultra lite lashes? We carry all styles for your lash needs!

We bring various of styles over the years from colorful lashes to never before seen styles.

We thrive to be THE luxury grade level lash company.


From responsible initiatives to extensive research,

Our talented team is always on the search for new creations for your beauty looks.

Providing lashes all over the world as of 2019. Our lashes are 100% handmade from Europe and Korea/Japan.
Which will make every pair unique.


The time has come to turn that inner beauty inside out!

We empower wo(men)s beauty.

Making every gal/guy feel their best.

Wispy strip lashes
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Launching the most affordable and sustainable lashes! Available in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and across the globe. Established since DEC 2022 is the sister company to diamonddustyyc

Sustainability: We are the first to create hemp blend lashes, along with natural plant like & synthetic materials! We love taking the step to be Eco-friendly.

Affordability: At Falsie Haus, we don't believe high prices should take a toll on your wallet! Working with plant-based/synthetic materials. It gives us a chance to give our customers the similar quality as luxury lashes at a price's that are 97% cheaper! 100% Certified to be CF/VEGAN.

Enjoy all of our products in one place!
Our humble team welcomes you to...

Falsie Haus X Diamond Dust YYC

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